Why you should be using Lindy’s Magical Shakers

Hey Lindy’s Family.

Today I wanted to motivate you a little bit to use Lindy’s products that a lot of people own but don’t use – Magicals. Personally, I have a few friends who just don’t know how to use them, so I want to convince you of how fabulous they are. Magical shakers, are a product that I find underestimated by many.

I love magic powders due to the fact that they are products with a very broad spectrum of activity. Yes, mists are convenient and easier to use, but it is with powders that you can do a lot more. Today I have prepared a simple greeting card for you in which I used simply amazing embossing powders and magic shakers.

I love the effect, the depth of color and the fact that the powder is one big surprise. Depending on how much water you add to it, you will get such effects. This is the magic of these powders … I call them the color bomb because I never really know what the effect will be. This is because just using them sometimes my concept changes. when I just use them and it comes out with a color that I wasn’t going to use but in the end I like it a lot.

You can use this product in virtually any technique, you can use it in decoupage and apply it to cracks to add expressiveness to them, you can make beautiful and technically varied mixed media designs with them or make beautiful watercolor coloring on pages in a clean and simple style. Isn’t that fascinating?

In my opinion, powders are not easy to use every time, but let’s deepen our knowledge to develop. Standing in place in our skills and craft adventure is very bad. You will never move forward unless you want to learn something more … personal success is achieved only by those who are brave and not afraid to take lessons and learn from them.


Don’t be afraid of Magical shaker powders it’s a wonderful product.

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