Painting Pumpkins with Lindy’s Magicals by Alicja

Hello Lindy’s lovers! Alicja here to show you a bit of painting today. The fall is one of the most colorful and cozy seasons and it inspires me to create many different projects.
I decided to show you two techniques of watercolor paintings using only Lindy’s magical powders.

To start you need a sheet of watercolor paper, round brush with fine tip and clean water in a jar. I used small ceramic bowls to mixed powders with water – it’s even better to use palette with seperate places for each color.

When you chose your favourite colors, perfect for your painting, you can start sketching with a pencil. Be sure to make only delicate lines that would not be visible after applying colors or easy to erase.

The first technique needs a contour. I used a black permanent pen in two sizes. The first one let me create thicker lines…

..and the second one I needed to create shading in the pumpkin and leaf.

After all lines are done, I could started giving it a colour. The first wash of paint (magicals mixed with water) should be light with a great amount of water. When it was still wet, I added some of the darker paint in the corners to make shading. It made the paint spread on the wet surface.

After it was dry, I applied another layer of paint – using darker colors and making it even more dimensional.

Applying colors in the second technique is very similar but with no contour before painting. There was only a pencil sketch at the begining.

Here you can see a difference between both illustrations.

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  • Renesans brushes, watercolor paper 300g

I hope you will like them!


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