Magicals, Sprays and EPs for a Layered Card with Julia Kissel

Hello friends! Julia Kissel on the Lindy’s blog today. Sometimes we need to make a background for a project and décor elements with a certain palette. But there is no such paper by hand and no decorations either… What to do? Do not worry! Lindy’s Magicals, Embossing Powders and Sprays come to your rescue! Today I would like to show you how to create beautifully layered cards using cardboard, fabric and Lindy’s products!

Watch the video for the whole process in detail.

Basic process:

  1. Use two pieces of cardboard (1.5mm thickness) of the size you choose and a piece of white dense fabric
  2. Stick the pieces of cardboard to the fabric and gently fold corners
  3. Apply white gesso or white acrylic paint on the fabric cover
  4. Let it dry and make stamps on the fabric surface
  5. Apply gesso or paint again and erase it randomly to show the stamps
  6. Moisten the surface with water to create a background with Magicals – Sweet Treats Magical Set, Delphinium Turquoise Magical and Bayou Boogie Gold Magical
  7. Paint with Tiffanylou’s Blue and then Cotton Candy Pink, Dark Chocolate Truffle and other colors from Sweet Treats Magical Set
  8. Apply the textured paste through the stencil and sprinkle with Don’t Scream Aquamarine Chunky EP without drying. Heat and bake it with a heat gun for embossing
  9. Paint the chipboard base with Starburst Spray: Cotton Candy Pink Shimmer Spray and TiffanyLou Blue Shimmer Spray
  10. Cover the chipboard flowers with Tin Roof, Rusted! Chunky EP
  11. Assemble and glue the composition of various elements
  12. Tint the white flowers on the composition with TiffanyLou Blue and Cotton Candy Pink sprays
  13. Paint the wooden window with Cowabunga Copper Starburst spray

The project is ready!

Some close-ups:

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • Fabrika Decoru White Acrylic Gesso, Derevyashki&Bumazhki stensil and wood embellishment, Sonet Texture paste, Tacky Glue, Mintay paper Harmony collection, Pastel flowers,, Tim Holtz paper dolls, Expressions Craft Heavy Gel

Many thanks for watching and have a nice day!

Yours Julia)

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