FREE LIVESTREAM CLASS (and challenge): Lindy’s Heart with Nuneka

Hi gang!!
Are you ready for a Livestream class?? C’mon, join me! We’ll have fun.
I’ve been thinking of how intimidating it can be when you are starting and you don’t know exactly how to chose colors among so many beautiful ones and how to use the sprays in the project so you don’t create a mess… So I’ve prepared a beautiful and easy project for you all that we can create together on a FREE LIVESTREAM CLASS on Saturday 21st on Lindy’s YouTube channel (18:00 CET – 9:00 am PST). Every beginner can do it, but if you are a more advanced crafter I think this class is for you too: we will talk about composition, details and elements, and I can’t wait to see how you give your own personal twist to the piece. Can’t make it for the live? No worries, the class will remain recorded on Lindy’s YouTube channel. But if you can, come and join me, so you can ask any doubts or questions you may have.



Ok, so what will you need for this class? First of all your LINDY’S STARBURST SPRAYS. I want you to select 2-3 colors that go together in the color wheel. The color wheel is a chromatic circle as a result of organizing the primary colors (red – yellow – blue) and mixing them. So when I say colors that go together, I mean that they are one behind the other in the color wheel. This is very important to get a balanced project and a beautiful blending with the colors. Look at this beautiful photo by my teammie Asia, you can see that yellow and orange are together in the color wheel, that means it will be easy to get a natural transition from one to the other. But if I pick yellow and purple… mmmm there are at least 5 colors between them!! It would be extremely hard to reach from one to another in a project. It can be done, of course, but it’s not what I’ve planned for this class.

Check this post about Color Wheel with Lindy’s by Asia.



So you will need those 2-3 colors that go together in the color wheel, and of course you can pick different shades of them to make it more interesting. Let’s say you want to do it exactly in the same colors I used in the sample: I chose purple (two shades: Magnolia Magenta Gold and Open Arms Amethyst) and red (Peony Scarlet Red), you can see purple and red are together in the color wheel, so the blending was easy. Now let’s say you want to do it completely different: blue and green, you could pick Bachelor Button Blue, Mad Hatter Mint and Time Travel Teal, which is in the middle of those two.



To create dimension I used 2 more colors:

No matter the color combo you have chosen, you’ll need the dark spray too for a dramatic effect. If you decide to go on warm colors (yellows, oranges, pinks, reds) then you can use dark brown spray (for example Dark Chocolate Truffle). If you decide to use cold tones (purple, blue, green), then I suggest black spray (for example Midnight Rendezvous Raven).



We have the colors, which are the most important, but of course you need some few more things for this class:

  • heart shaped base: I used MDF one, but you can create yours with thick cardboard (draw a heart and cut it with a palette knife), or use a box or any other thing with the shape of a heart (if you feel adventurous, you can use any other shape! surprise us!)
  • white gesso
  • crackle paste for a beautiful vintage look
  • chipboards and any embellishments you want to use in the composition
  • paper, metallic or natural dry flowers
  • stencil (with not too big design)
  • gold texture paste and gold wax (not necessarily has to be gold, you can use other color that matches your spray combo)
  • ink pad (brown if you picked warm tone sprays, black if you picked cold tone sprays)
  • glue
  • tools: soft brush, sponge, paintbrush, palette knife, ink blending tool


And that’s all! I’ll see you on Saturday on Lindy’s YouTube channel for the livestream class, and if you cannot do it for that day, you’ll find the video here for whenever you want to watch it.

Do you want to enter LINDY’S HEART CHALLENGE? Then create your own version of the heart and upload it to the folder on our Facebook Group. You can participate until December 17th, and if you are the winner you’ll get a $25 voucher for Lindy’s Gang online store to spoil yourself for Christmas!!! Anyone can win, beginner or not, as on Lindy’s we appreciate all your creations, no matter how experienced you are.

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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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