Heat Embossing on Double-Sided Tape with Lindys Embossing Powders for Ombre Stripe Cards

Hi friends! Preeti Datta (Dutt Preety) on the Lindy’s blog today to show you step by step Heat Embossing on Double-Sided Tape with Lindy’s Embossing Powders. We will use this easy technique to create Six Ombre Stripe Cards.

Heat Embossing is one of my favourite techniques to use while crafting and Lindy’s has different gorgeous varieties of embossing powders for varied effects. I wanted to heat emboss using my wonderful stash of coloured embossing powders using a super simple technique so that anyone can do it with minimal supplies. No special inks or stamping skills required! Here, we will use double-sided 1/4 Inch Scor-Tape to heat emboss and create colourful Ombre stripes, we will convert our beautiful Ombre panels into clean & simple cards. You can experiment and try out different widths of double-sided tapes for a unique look. This simple technique of heat embossing on tape can be used to create many different customized designs & backgrounds with your favourite colours and shapes like vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, geometrical shapes, checkered pattern etc. I love the gorgeous result achieved with minimal effort and supplies!

Basic Process

For our simple heat embossing technique, we will use Lindy’s gorgeous coloured embossing powders and double-sided Scor-Tape.

To start with, die-cut rectangular panels of watercolour paper or any thick white cardstock and grey mats for these white panels using grey cardstock. (If you don’t have rectangle shape dies, these can be easily cut using a paper trimmer or scissors.)

Next, adhere 2 horizontal strips of Scor-Tape on the white paper panel. Cut off any excess over-hanging tape using scissors. Then, burnish the tape onto the panel using a bone folder (basically press down on the tapes so that they adhere to the panel properly.) Then, tap the panel with an anti-static embossing bag. (This anti-static embossing bag can be easily created at home by adding a few spoons of baby talcum powder to a cotton cloth and stitching or tying the bag. Tap this bag over any surface before heat embossing to help prevent embossing powder from sticking to unwanted areas.)

Next, peel off the backing from the adhered down tapes.

Place a sheet of paper underneath the panel. Then pour on the embossing powder onto the stripes and tap away any excess. The adhesive on the tape will hold the embossing powder. Use a thin, dry brush to brush away any stray embossing powder.

Now, let the heat tool become hot enough by switching it on for a couple of seconds and then heat emboss the paper panel. This will lessen the amount of paper warping. Now our first two stripes are done. We will move onto the next two stripes. We are heat embossing each colour separately to avoid mixing of colours. We are doing 2 stripes here, you can change the design and create a full background or even rainbow coloured stripes!

Add the next 2 horizontal stripes by adhering 2 more strips of Scor-Tape. Burnish the tapes with a bone folder. Tap the surface with an Anti-Static Embossing Bag and then peel off the backing of the Scor-Tape. Then, add the second colour of embossing powder.

Heat emboss the next two stripes with a second coloured embossing powder.

Next, repeat the above steps to create the last 2 stripes using a third pink coloured embossing powder.

We’ve created Six Ombre Panels using Lindy’s beautiful Embossing Powders. We’ve used three embossing powders for each panel. For the Pink Ombre Panel, we’ve used Hi Maintenance Magenta, Oom Pah Pah Pink and Chateau Rose EPs.

For the Green Ombre Panel, we’ve used Oakleaf Olive, Merry-Go-Round Green and Sassy Sapphire EPs.

For the Blue Ombre Panel, we’ve used Hyacinth Blue Jade, Morning Glory Azure and C’est La Vie Cerise EPs.

For the Purple Ombre Panel, we’ve used Polka Purple, Pop Rock Purple and Hibiscus Rose Orange EPs.

For the Vintage Ombre Panel, we’ve used Bratwurst Brown, Cafe au Lait and Orange Creamsicle EPs.

For the Orange Ombre Panel, we’ve used Cleopatra’s Copper, Sunrise Salmon Gold and Bonjour Butter EPs.

Next, prepare the sentiments for the cards. We’ve die cut the words two times using word dies and 300 gsm grey cardstock and then adhered the 2 die-cut words together to make the sentiments thick like chipboards. This will add a little extra dimension to the cards. (Instead of die-cuts, you can also stamp the sentiments or use stickers.)

In the end, collect all the materials to assemble the cards (the Ombre Stripe Panels, the grey paper mats, the white card bases, 3D foam tape, the die-cut word sentiments & enamel dots.) To assemble each card, adhere the Ombre Stripe Panel to the grey paper mat using 3D foam tape (this adds dimension to our cards), then adhere this panel to a white card base, next add the sentiment to the centre of the card and embellish it using enamel dots.

Here are some photos of the finished Cards…

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  • Winnie & Walter Word Dies; MFT word die; Hero Arts Rectangle Dies; Canson Watercolour Paper; Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue; Enamel Dots; Double Sided Foam Tape; 1/4 Inch Scor-Tape and Dovecraft Heat Tool.

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I'm Preeti from India. I love paper crafting and mixed media. I enjoy making clean & simple as well as grungy vintage projects. Playing with colours is my happy place.

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  1. I can see this going in other directions too. You’ve got my head swimming! I have large sheets of double sided adhesive and I can now die cut images and emboss them. Thanks for another use of this product!

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