Mixed Media Layout for Beginners

Welcome to Lindy’s blog. Today, I would like to present Moon Shadow Mists and Starburst Mists which are my biggest love and allow me to finish every work.

I often don’t use a lot of media in my projects to get light, delicate result. Have a look at my vintage layout on a dark background.  In this layout, I have used Lindy’s mists to add elegance and a beautiful glow to the whole work.

I am a fan of a saying that ‘not always more means better’. Sometimes if people choose too many colours, it is hard to control them . Start with small steps and remember, you can always add more colours as you progress with your piece .

I hope you will like my simple technique.



    1. In this piece, the most important was a preparation of its background. I used gloss gel medium so it gave the shine to the pattern of the stencil.
    2. Then I added rest of the composition , Lindy’s sprays and great effect is guaranteed

Basic Process

  1.  I applied a clear gesso on the paper
  2. Add some small sheet of papers to make a texture
  3. Add spray with water
  4. I add gold texture paste 
  5. I glue all composition on my layout


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I hope you have enjoyed this creative Mixed Media vintage layout.



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