Create an Art Journal Page with Lindy’s Magicals Inspired by the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year

Hej Everyone! Martina here with you today with another beginner-friendly step by step tutorial for an Art Journal Page.

Today, I got inspired by the just-revealed Pantone Colours of 21 – Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. I really love this color combination!

I have chosen the following Lindy’s Magicals to use on this page:

Midnight Rendezvous, Silent Night Silver, Gag me with a Spoon Grey, Golden Sleigh Bells and Bonjour Butter.

Using clear Gesso, I am gluing some ripped pieces of patterned paper to my Art Journal page.

Using the same Clear Gesso, I am adhering some Transfer Paper Butterflies to the page, too. To finish this step, I am applying a thin layer of the Clear Gesso to the whole page.

To add some texture to the page, I am applying some Texture Paste through a Stencil. When applying things like texture, I am always trying to keep the page in a nice visual balance.

When the Texture Paste is dry, I am bringing in some color to the page. To try something different, I am sprinkling my yellow Magicals over a stencil…

..and then carefully spraying water onto the stencil and sprinkled Magicals powder.

To use every bit of the color, I am flipping the stencil around and laying it to an uncolored spot on my page.
This transfers the leftover color to my page, too.

Because I have coated the page with Gesso, I can now go in with a brush and move the color around (and dissolve some of the cheeky different-colored-spots) until I like it.

Then I am embellishing the page with some fussy cut pieces of patterned paper. I am gluing them to the page, using regular glue and cover the front of the pieces with clear gesso to give them the same features as the rest of the page.

To bring in some more of the grey and blend everything together, I am dissolving some of the Silent Night Silver…

and Midnight Rendezvous Magicals and adding splatters of these colors to the page.

As a last, finishing touch, I am sticking a thickers title to the page.

And that’s today’s page:

I really love the freshness of this page!

I really hope you liked my process and feel inspired to create too!

Thank you so much for watching!

Have a wonderful day!


I have been using these Lindy’s Magicals:

Other Materials:

A.B Studio Paper, Transfer Paper and Stencil. American Crafts Thickers. Gesso. Texture Paste.

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