Always in my Heart a Mixed Media panel with Svetlana

Hi beautiful Lindy’s friends!

Svetlana here on the Lindy’s blog today to show you the process of creating a mixed media panel. I want to dedicate it to my dear teammates from Lindy’s gang design team, my boss Tracey and Kate Palmer. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work together with such talented people. So I called this panel “Always in my heart”.

Basic Process

  • Glue several clay elements, metal embellishments, art stones, chipboard elements on the MDF base
  • Make two holes and insert a piece of metal wire to make a handle
  • Cover everything with white gesso
  • Apply here and there white crackle paste

  • Use “dry brush technique” with white acrylic paint to highlight some areas even more;
  • Use black wax to add shadows;
  • Collect a composition of a window and flowers (they’ve been colored with the same sprays) and glue everything together;
  • Add beads, sequins and glitter to some areas and in the middle of flowers (I glue them on gloss medium);
  • Splatter with white acrylic paint.

Lindy’s products

I hope you like my heart and the tutorial. Thank you very much for reading. I’m really looking forward to your feedback!

Svetlana Sanochkina

Hi! I'm Svetlana Sanochkina from Russia. My style is mixing different elements with paints. I love experimenting with color combinations. I have been crafting since 2016.

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