Svetlana Sanochkina – Lindy’s Gang Educator team 2021

Hello, gorgeous Lindy’s friends, my name is Svetlana Sanochkina and I’m super excited to become a new member of a Lindy’s educators team this year. You may know me as a 2020 Lindy’s design team member. But let me tell you a little bit more about me.

I live in Russia not far from the capital city Moscow, and now, while I’m writing this text it’s winter and rather cold outside. So I have a lot of time to craft while staying at home with my husband and a cat. I think my favorite type of project is a combination of different elements and materials, which is usually called mixed media. I love to be inspired by beautiful colors, so usually, I use Lindy’s products as a starting point for my crafting experiments. I used to make workshops in Russia and this year I’m going to have a lot of online classes with you. Hope we’ll have a lot of fun together.

My old but favorite projects:

I love working with flat, but interesting shapes of backgrounds, creating layouts, ATCs, canvases, tags. My favorite colors are blue and purple, and all their shades. But of course, I love to try new pallets and color combinations. I’m a huge fan of all Lindy’s products, but most of all I adore Whale Watch Blue Shimmer Spray. It’s well combined with all other colors and looks really good. Also, I usually use the same magical from the set Nantucket Pearls Shimmer Magical Set.

When I want some drama I love the gorgeous deep color of Polite People Purple. It’s so lovely dark purple color with golden shimmer in it. It creates a mystical flavor of magic on each project it touches. And it can be combined with every golden spray or magical, like Golden Doubloons Vintage Spray or Poutine Gold.

But sometimes I find myself in a romantic mood and need to create something sweet and fluffy with lots of flowers and candies. So in this case I love using a combo of rose and peach colors. My favorite ones are Cosmopolitan Pink Shimmer Spray, Canadian Bacon Blush, Chateau Rose Flat Spray. mmmm – yummy!

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See you soon and happy crafting!

Svetlana Sanochkina

Hi! I'm Svetlana Sanochkina from Russia. My style is mixing different elements with paints. I love experimenting with color combinations. I have been crafting since 2016.

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