It’s Asia and I’m back for my fourth year in Lindy’s Gang!

Welcome back everybody! I am so happy to be here with you and live this beautiful, colorful adventure! I can’t believe it’s my fourth year already!

My name is Asia Marquet aka Lemon Creation, don’t ask me why I chose this nick as I really don’t have credible explanation! I guess I was eating my favourite lemon cake at the time and here we go 🙂 BTW any good lemon cake recipes are welcome! I am not very creative if it comes to picking up names. I am creative otherwise though (at least I’d like to believe that to be true). I am the person to go to if you have any art journal related question or wandering, if you need to know a little about black paint or negative space. I also feel like I am quite an expert on Lindy’s Gang products. During last few years  I’ve been in constant research of new ways and new techniques of using my Lindy’s. So if you are ever in any doubt- just ask me! I am so happy to help! But don’t be discouraged if it happens that sometimes I don’t answer straight away- you may not know that, but I am Social Media/ Technology very challenged person… Just ask around, sadly everybody will confirm it.

In my private life, I am a happy owner of my one and only husband, two children, and an almost invisible, black, very lazy cat. Born and raised in Poland, I spent ten years of my live in beautiful Ireland-just enough time to meet there my French husband. Life is funny that way and so full of surprises! If I only knew, for sure I would pay more attention to my French classes at school! But I didn’t… We all now live in French Jura, just a stone throw away from the Swiss Alps which I can see every day from my windows. I am so lucky to be living in a place like this, which gives me so much inspiration and let me catch my breath when days are hard.

But no matter where you live, creativity comes from the heart and soul, from your aches and happiness, so remember to create when your body craves for it. From pain comes usually the most beautiful art. Don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it and let it flow on the paper or wood or canvas or walls or kitchen appliances. Whichever medium you choose, just be happy to create and don’t judge yourself too harshly!

When I have free time (around midnight, lol!), I can finally sit down and create (or rather stand up ‘coz like that I feel more inclined to move around and find more supplies to work with. There is also a problem of my cat sleeping constantly in my chair which, let’s be honest, plays an important part in the way I create).

My favorite means of expression is art journaling. I make a page and find it very rewarding to finish it with sentiments that give meaning to it. I love minimalism and a lot of negative space.

I also love creating ATC’s, somehow small forms speak to me better than the big ones and then this is always a solution to a small storage place ( just a hint for you, lol!).

When I am really, really bored, I can even create something much bigger, simply to prove to myself that I can! Then I feel sorry as I can’t find a place to store, but life is full of small problems like that.

If it comes to theme, I love fairyland, magical pages and whimsical creations. Just to make my life more difficult, I decided however that I will create pages in  INDUSTRIAL, GEOMETRICAL or STEAMPUNK style. Again, don’t look for an explanation why, I have no idea!


My very favorite color is not color at all, apparently, it’s a shade, well, they both are: BLACK and WHITE. I know, that may not be very original, but on the paper, they add deepness and contrast to any creation! In real life, these are not my fav colors though. But don’t they go well with everything? I use them to splatter, to doodle, to shade, etc.

However, I do have a lot of other colours I just love to use! Lindy’s sprays, Magicals, Embossing powders has on offer more than a rainbow of colors. Here are just a few I love ( I supposed to chose one, but how can I ???):

Squirt: Loonie Toonie Teal

Magical: Time Travel Teal

Flat Fabio- Curiouser Chartreuse

Magical- South Shore Sand


I will be very happy if you follow me on Social Media, so here are all the links you’ll need:


I hope you will enjoy your adventure with Lindy’s, the whole Design Team and me!

For now, I am sending you very colorful, big hugs!

See you soon!


3 thoughts on “It’s Asia and I’m back for my fourth year in Lindy’s Gang!

  1. Kathy, hi! Thank you so, so much for the beautiful message! It makes me so happy to see people responding to what I do or what I say, despite my mistakes and errors! I’d gladly try your recipe if you don’t mind, I don’t really have one I love, so that would be just great! Here is my email and I promise if I make it, I will virtually share the cake with you (or at least I will raise a glass of a good wine to you! ;):
    Thank you so much once again and see you in Lindy’s FB group 🙂
    PS I also love the girl with teddy- magical!
    Big hugs!!!

  2. … warms my HEART… not ‘hear’ (now where did I hid that darn “t”?). LOL… sorry

  3. Welcome back Asia; Your creations are lovely… I really like the one with the fairy girl holding the teddy bear… it really warms my hear. I like black and white too in that I use one or the other or both in almost every creation I make. I like all the colors you like to use and those swatches you made with them. Turquoise/teal/aqua are my favorite but I also like Southwest colors… terra cotta, browns, silver, etc.
    I love lemon cakes too… I have a great recipe for a Lemon Cranberry bread/cake that I’d be happy to share. (Send me you address or email and I’ll send it to you as its quite lengthy, but oh so delicious.) You can make it with Blueberries, Raspberries, or Cherries if you don’t like Cranberries, and all are quite tasty. I started with a base recipe I found one time, made lots of my own ‘tweaks’ and wha-la… a great recipe (I think).
    Thanks for sharing and please stay safe.

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