Mixing Lindy’s Sprays and Chalk Acrylics to make a Dreamy Background with Asia

Hello, hello:) It’s Asia here with a new post and fun, easy technique for all of you who like to experiment.

I love dreamy backgrounds, when the paints flow smoothly one into the other and everything seems so effortless and, well, just dreamy. This is such an effortless technique to try and the results are just incredible.  All you’ll need are some Lindy’s sprays (it could be magical as well) and white acrylic paint, preferably chalk one.

I created a few different ATCs, using beautiful sprays from Lindy’s Gang, but you can, of course, start with only one and see for yourself the end effect.  At the bottom of this post you’ll find the full list of products I used with links to Lindy’s shop.

For now, let’s concentrate on the process:

  1. Cut the papers to ATC size and place on the edges pieces of torn masking tape.
  2. Add water to the paper avoiding the masking tape and then add the colors with a brush (adding sprays with a brush gives you more control and you won’t waste the paint as opposed to spraying it on the small pieces of paper).
  3. When everything is still quite wet, add diluted in water chalk acrylic paint (white paint goes well with everything and gives dreamy look). To add the paint I sprayed it with a big brush and since there was a lot of water on the paper, diluted acrylic moved beautifully with Lindy’s paints and diluted the colors a little.
  4. After drying it all, I removed the pieces of masking tape only to find out that it wasn’t well glued and paint run underneath it in some places. I fixed the problem by fussy cutting the edges, leaving just a tiny white edge. I placed the cut backgrounds on the black cardstock paper  (I used double-sided tape for that  and making that way the cards  the size of ATC)
  5. In the meantime, I torn pieces of cheesecloth, wet them and color them with different sprays (to get the best results quickly it’s better to wet the fabric before applying sprays; Not only will you use less paint but also the paint will flow better and won’t leave the strong stains on the fabric)
  6. As a focal piece, I used Alexandra Renke’s magical die cuts with children, which I embossed with Lindy’s EP- Purely White. Everything was glued with tacky glue and I also sprinkled some art ice on top of it to add more shine to the already magical project.

If you have any questions about the whole process, there is IG and Youtube video prepared for you:


Here are few close-ups:

Here is the list of products I used:

Lindy’s Gang

Other products

  • PaperArtsy- Snowflake chalk acrylic
  • Alexandra Renke die-cuts
  • Lemon Creation/ Asia Marquet: Super Messy Words
  • deco ice, masking tape, cheesecloth, yardstick and mixed media paper


Thank you,  as always, for stopping by and see you next time!

Have a beautiful day!



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