Mixed Media Artboard Tutorial with Anna Malik

Hello Lindy’s fans, Anna Malik with you!

Today I will show you my first project for Lindy’s. I am making a Mixed Media artboard using some of the beautiful Lindy’s sprays. 



  • Apply gesso blank from MDF
  • Apply dabber through the mask and sprinkle with Lindy’s embossing powder Oakleaf Olive
  • Apply texture paste through a stencil
  • Add volume with textured paste with marble chips
  • Paint the MDF details, chipboard and plaster figures with acrylic primer

  • Make prints of leaves and flowers or seeds (physalis) with archival ink and a stamp, then cut them out. Next, make them beautiful using Lindy’s Sprays “Glory of the Seas Gold”, “Sea Mint Green” and “Opal Sea Oats” by painting the stamped pictures.

  • I applied Embossing powder “Bongiour Butter” by Lindy’s on the frames and the keyhole. Sprays Lindy’s “Glory of the Seas Gold”, “Sea Mint Green”, “Opal Sea Oats” and “Аzure Sea Asters” painting the rest of the decor.
  • I sprayed water on the artboard and paint the fond with sprays Lindy’s.
  • To get different shades I mix brown spray “Opal Sea Oats” with green “Sea Mint Green”, blue “Azure Sea Asters”.
  • Splashing brown spray “Opal Sea Oats”.
  • I used wax to highlight the relief of the base background and the edges of the decor. I cut strips from book pages and roll them into tubes.

Add archival ink with a text stamp I put an imprint on the background of the artboard. I put together the composition and glued on the decor, adding art stones in a transparent medium. I sprayed with sprays, white and black acrylic and I made drops on leaves and flowers using Glossy Accents.

The artboard is ready.

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