Layered Background with Lindy’s Sprays over Masking Fluid with Tracy V.

Hi Lindy’s Gang,

Tracy V. here! I am a big fan of projects that have a “reveal” like gel-printing and eco-dyeing…something about the surprise of seeing what you have spontaneously created gets me giddy!

This is a fun little background with a reveal that can work great for ATCs, tags or journaling. I decided to make a little trifold collage piece out of mine. Hope you enjoy this project…would love to see what you uncover!



  1. Use mixed media paper or journal. I cut my paper into 5″ x 4″ squares.
  2. Create a design of choice with the resist pen and completely dry.
  3. Apply the first layer of neutral-colored spray with brush and dry.
  4. Spray the second color through a stencil dabbing with a paper towel over the stencil to remove excess.
  5. Remove the masking medium by rubbing gently with the tip of your finger to reveal your design.
  6. Collage on top.

I hope you have enjoyed this idea for layered backgrounds.

Tracy V.

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