Mixed Media Lyre Decor with Marina Ignatova

Hello Lindy’s friends!

Marina Ignatova is here today to present you my debut project for the Lindy’s Gang blog – a stunning mixed media lyre!

I am very happy to create in a team with so many talented girls and man that my soul sings and blooms! This is exactly what my Mixed Media Lyra panel is about.

Here is my video of the process. I hope you enjoy it!

Basic Steps

  1. Prime the wooden base with a white gesso.
  2. On a large base, apply a texture paste through a stencil.
  3. Sprinkle the middle base with sprays (for a more interesting effect, apply tissue paper to the primed base before this step). I used Cotton Candy Pink Shimmer Spray , Bodacious Blush Shimmer Spray и Whale Watch Blue Shimmer Spray. Dry
  4. Sprinkle the small base with powder of different colors and warm it up with a heat gun. I used the following powders: Aurora Amethyst EP and Oom Pah Pah Pink EP.
  5. Add the pattern to the medium and small base with the help of stamps.
  6. On the medium base, apply the texture paste through a stencil.
  7. Let’s go back to the big base. Sprinkle Prima Donna Purple Shimmer Spray,  Sassy Sapphire Shimmer Spray, Hi Maintenance Magenta Shimmer Spray, Cotton Candy Pink Shimmer Spray. Dry
  8. Glue all the base layers together
  9. Cover the chipboard with two colors of embossing powders. I used Chalk It Up Chunky EP and Of Quartz It Is Chunky EP;  Orange Creamsicle EP and Oom Pah Pah Pink EP
  10. Create a composition and glue everything together
  11. At the final step, add toppings and sparkles, because the beauty lies in the details.

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I hope you liked my project and tutorial, and you found something new and interesting for yourself!



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