Coloring with Lindy’s Magicals on Black with Viktoriya P.

Hi, my dear friends! Viktoriya Porechnaya with you and I would like to share with you some coloring tips. Do you know that you can use Lindy’s Magicals on the black surface? I think you saw my watercolor paintings on black paper in our Instagram page.  I have great result with shimmer Magicals, so I decided to use this effect on the other black surface- I colored in black old Cow figure and turn it in Royal Cow with Magicals!

You can use Magicals with shimmer, of course, but now we have more possibilities – we can use flat Magicals and add Glitzy Magicals to it! Gorgeous, isn’t it? I used Magicals from Mountain Meadows Set mixed with Glitzy Gold and Scintillating Silver Magicals from Glitzy Magicals Set 

And I used them separately-as gold and silver paints

When Magicals dries, they have gorgeous rich colors and shine!

My coloring tutorial you can see on our YouTube Channel


Full tutorial is on my personal blog and YouTube channel, so welcome there)!

I hope I inspire you to some coloring experiments!

Lindy’s Products:

  • Mountain Meadows Magicals- Wild Rose Rouge, Foxglove Fuchsia, Emerald Evergreen, Mountain Meadows
  • Glitzy Magicals-Glitzy Gold, Scintillating Silver

Other products: black gesso or acrylic paint

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