Making Magical Ice leaves with Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Hello everyone, do you see the snow outside? No? Well outside my window there is a lot of snow, a bitter frost and all the plants will soon be frozen. So today I will be showing you how to make beautiful ice leaves from transparent sheets! Everything is very simple! So let’s begin!

We need a sheet of transparent film or thin board/stick, Magical (without them I can’t do anything :-))), a stencil and a transparent gel (for example, Heavy Body Gel).

Take Magical of your favorite color and mix it with clear gel. The gel in the jar may be whitish, don’t worry – it will dry out and become clear. Mix thoroughly! Otherwise, everything around will be beautifully sprinkled with shimmering powder!)))

Take a sheet of film (or thin plastic) and apply a stencil on it. Using a palette knife, apply the gel to the film through the stencil. If you have a leaf stencil – great! If there is no such stencil, that’s okay!  Take any with a small pattern and apply the gel through it in any order.

Remove the stencil with a gentle motion. Wait for the gel to dry and become transparent and take on a beautiful light color. Cut leaflets of the desired size and shape from a sheet of film. Large! Congratulations! You did it! Now you have ice leaves and can use them in your art!

You can then use your leaves on any project you choose, I have used mine to create a beautiful card.

Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed this idea


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