Are you afraid to work on black paper? Don’t be, use Lindy’s! Lean how with Asia

Hi everyone 🙂 It’s Asia here with a new tutorial, this time I will be working on black paper.  I was thinking there are so few creations we see on black paper and I can understand it, the dark paper is a little overwhelming, but we can always try! I did just that with Lindy’s Gang sprays and here is the effect.

I have to tell you that every time when I do my swatches I also try them on black paper, just out of curiosity.
How many times I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw the result. There are so many Lindy’s colors that work beautifully on black paper! One very important hint, you need to choose the ones which have a sparkle in them: Moon Shadows Mists, some of the Starbursts and Squirts; Magicals, of course, but I do advise you to check beforehand on a black piece of paper to be sure the color will appear and will be strong enough to be visible; There are some colors which are too delicate to be visible on black paper, which is totally normal. You can also forget about Flat Fabios because it is mostly the shimmer in paints that appears on the dark paper.

The process was very easy:

  • I prepared my black paper (the simple one, which you can buy in any paper shop) and I added some stenciling to it with Pasta Scultura- paper-like paste from Stamperia, but of course, the world is your oyster and you can use whatever you want. Pasta Scultura will not stay white, the paints will go through it, coloring it a  little. If you want a resist effect, you can do some white embossing for a beautiful contrast.
  • Once dry, I sprayed it with water ad sprayed with two Moon Shadows Mists: Golden Doubloons and Treasure Island Aqua. I dried it and added the third color, splattering it over the ACTs: Buccaneer Bay Blue.

  • Once again I dried it and then added my focal embellishments, some words and glued it to the black paper to make it more sturdy. That’s it. Now I have my black, vintage-looking cards. Hope you’ll try it too!

Here is the link to my process video on Lindy’s channel :

Lindy’s Products Used:

Moon Shadow Mists:

Other products:

  • Pasta Scultura- Stamperia, Maremi Small Art stencil, TCW stencil, Snip-Art stencil, Nuvo glue, 7 Dots Studio word stickers


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3 thoughts on “Are you afraid to work on black paper? Don’t be, use Lindy’s! Lean how with Asia

  1. Where can we purchase the word stickers? I have been looking everywhere for them and can’t find them, thank you. You have so inspired me, I have my ATC black paper already cut and ready to go.

  2. Thanks for your inspiration today! I love to use black paper. You got me to try it this afternoon and I’m really happy with the results😉

  3. WOW!!!! I have tons of black paper, I was going to use for chalks and haven’t. Now I know how to use. Beautiful!!! Thank you.

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