Abstract Painting Layout with Magicals from Jana McCarthy

Hi everyone, Jana back again on the blog and I have a fun new project for you.
I am a scrapbooker at heart, but i love to add mixed media to my pages. Or try new things from time to time… for today I grabbed some of my favorite magical powders, white cardstock, and big brushes. I wanted to create an abstract painting and use that as my background paper for my layout.

I started with “cape cod coral” and a big brush. I mixed the powder until all of the pigments were mixed very well. I wanted to have a color without pigments that will change the color. I added some simple brush strokes and some splatters and let it dry by air.

The next color that I wanted to use is “whale watch blue” but I wanted to have it darker, so I mixed some “black hole black” into it. I love the shade I created here. I grabbed a different-sized brush and painted it in a different direction. Also added some splatters and let it dry.

I wanted to bring in some extras, for that, I used the “Tacky when dry gel medium” and added some different shapes, some strokes, dots, and messy dots…

After that medium was dry I added some foil on top. The foil stuck to the gel and the effect is amazing! I decided to go with rose gold…

Next step, some black details. I scribbled some messy lines around the foiled dots, grabbed the “black hole black” again, and added big splatters and also some messy little strokes around everything. I love how this looks and how the black makes such a big difference!

I flipped the paper so that the picture will nearly be blended into the background. I grabbed some matching embellishments, but not many. I don´t want to cover up all of my amazing background!

I layered everything close together. Added some cardboard for dimension, created a messy white painted cardboard heart, added some skeleton leaves, leftover paper from die cutting some letters, and a little title to the picture. I totally love how this layout turned out!

Have you ever painted with your magical powders? I really enjoyed this process and I will paint some more abstract things in the next few days. I am hooked…


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Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope I inspired you in some ways… maybe you´ll grab your supplies now and create some magic!


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