Watery Fun Circle Background using Lindy’s Magicals, from Asia

Hello, hello 🙂

Who loves circles? I think all of us love them and here is an idea for you on making beautiful, watery rings. Very, very easy. Very effective. And the results will depend on so many things- Lindy’s products you use (Magicals, Squirts or sprays), paper and of course the amount of water you’ll add.

So let’s start with few easy step-by-step instructions and as always there is a video on Lindys’ Gang YouTube channel waiting for you (link below).

  • As always start by choosing your products- whichever Lindy’s you’ll use, I guarantee you that they will work. As for the paper- I advise you to use watercolour paper as you’ll get the best effects when using a lot of water
  • Prepare your paints- put small amount of them on the flat surface (craft mat, glass, etc). If you use Magicals- you need to dilute them in water- less water- better effects
  • Spray the paper with water, on both sides, to avoid warping
  • Take few different sizes cups, glasses, etc- anything round and them dip it in the paint (paints) so the borders are covered in it I used only Magicals this time: Galactic Teal, Outer Space Aqua, Alien Goo Green & Time Travel Teal
  • Stamp it on the wet paper and wait for the magic to happen! As there is a lot of water on the paper, the paints will run around and inside the stamped circle, leaving beautiful, soft-edges and watery effect. I could look at that for hours!
  • Leave it to dry, the best in open air so the colors can still work, but of course you can also heat set it
  • Add the rest of embellishments, stamping, etc and enjoy your beautiful, watery page!

Here are few photos of my project:

Here is the link to my process video:


Lindy’s products used:

Other products:

  • Alexandra Renke’s birds die cuts, Lemon Creation & IndigoBlu stamp- Matrix, Heidi Swapp circle stamp, Maremi Small Art stamp, Archival ink, Glossy Accents, Uni Pin fine line pen.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can’t wait to see your project with circles!

Meanwhile stay safe and happy, enjoying, hopefully, good weather!



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