Three Ways to use Lindy’s and Texture Paste on Tags from Neena

Today I am here to share the process of three different ways to combine texture paste and Lindy’s products. This will help all of those people who are new to Lindy’s.
I decided to go with monochromatic colours to help you understand better and you will see how different they all look from each other. I chose Galactic teal and Outer space aqua from Nuneka’s Outer space collection. Here I would like to special mention that one must have Nuneka’s outer space in their collection, they are just gorgeous and give a beautiful shine to your project.

Basic preparation

Cover the paper tags with white Gesso so that the paper doesn’t absorb the color and you get the perfect flowing effect.

Let’s start with the three different ways / techniques:
1. Texture and shimmer sprays
2. Texture paste mixed with Magicals
3. Texture paste and Embossing powders


  1. Add texture by applying texture paste through the stencil.
  2. Next, spray galactic teal and outer space aqua randomly and let the color flow to take its place to give some nice coloring effects.
  3. Next, dry it using a heat gun.
  4. Spray again to get desired color tones. In this, I kept the edges dark using galactic teal.
  5. Now you can see gorgeous shimmer settled around the texture


  1. Randomly spray the Galactic Teal and Outer Space Aqua on the tag.
  2. Mix the texture paste with the galactic Teal and outer space Aqua separately (I used crackle paste here)
  3. Now add texture by applying the same texture pastes mixed with Magical’s through a stencil by giving a two-tone effect. You can apply half and half vertically or horizontally or randomly on the tags.


  1. Add texture using the stencil and sprinkle Tannenbaum green gold randomly (not covering the whole texture) and remove extra,
  2. Next, sprinkle Twilight blue slate on the rest of the texture again remove the extra.
  3. Now heat Emboss it.
  4. Next, color the tags with sprays.

As I have explained all three different ways the base is ready for assembly.

Follow the below steps for all three tags:

  1. Distress the edges of the tags with black archival ink
  2. Add some script using a stamp if you wish.
  3. Color the floral die cut with Outer space and Aqua Galactic Teal.
  4. And color the frame with Galactic Teal spray.
  5. Next, randomly heat emboss the floral die cut with “chrome Doesn’t pay” just to give that shiny metal glaze
  6. Heat emboss the frame with Twilight Blue Slate.
  7. Now assemble the die cuts on the tags by first adding some sisal then the floral die-cut, next frame and then butterfly and sentiment.


The tissue paper that is used under die cuts for coloring can be used as the background for sentiments.

*I always store the tissues for further use, too pretty to throw away!

I have created the process video as well:


Lindy’s Gang products used:


Many Thanks!


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