Mixed Media Board by Marietta Tégi

Hello Everyone!

I used a small board as the foundation upon which I placed 250 g of paper.  A clear and white gesso was placed on it to prevent the thicker cardboard base from getting soaked. I used a lacy stencil, which I applied on the surface with model paste and Magical. Then I sprayed three kinds of mists on it: Tweedle Dee Denim, Cotton Candy Pink and Poppin’ Pink shades. As a result of the blower heater, the tracing paper curled up a bit, it is not that visible in the end, however, an interesting effect can be seen with it, especially if placed on a larger surface.

I smeared rust effect paste on the edges and also on the tweezers for a more rustic look. I spread some Frozen Jack Frost magical shaker powder and Glitzy Gleaming Gold magical on the tweezers.

Then I coated the mold elements with white gesso, then painted them with the magical powders. I used the following shades: Raspberry Lemonade, Danny Zuko’s Denim, Greased Lightnin Green.

All of them had a little bit of a golden sparkle thanks to Glitzy’s magical.  On some of the items, I sprinkled a bit of Midnight Copper to achieve a more textured effect.

On the Sizzix leaves, Reindeer and Angel Wings Gold embossing powder were used. Queen Sheba’s Silver was used on the chipboards.

I made it look much better with flowers and grainy decorations.

You can find the tutorial here:


Have a nice day spent with lots of creative pastimes.

Hugs: Marietta

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