Bright Spring Mixed Media Tag and Tutorial with Anna Malik

Hi guys, this is Anna Malik on the Lindy’s blog. After our long winter, I wanted to share with you a bright spring mood, so I made this bright and boldly colored tag.


  • All elements of the MDF and plaster were covered with white gesso, as was the tag.
  • I glued the pieces of wood die cuts onto the tag
  • Spray with Tiffany Lou Blue on the top of the tag
  • On the lower part of the tag spray with Galactic Teal

  • I painted the month and the Roman numeral five with yellow acrylic paint, and the gear wheel with blue paint
  • I added stamps in archival ink
  • In some places, I added gold leaf
  • After that, I began to assemble the composition, alternating the prepared elements
  • At the end of the work, I added toppings and splashes

I’m just in love with this tag, and I hope you like it as well

Lindy’s Products I used:


Thanks for your attention, enjoy your viewing

Have a nice day.

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