Pastel Clock Canvas by Neena Arora

 Hello, Lindy’s Fans!

Today you are with Neena Arora on the Lindy’s blog. I love pastel shades and are always my preference when it comes to choosing clothes, decors, flowers … So today I am here with clock canvas in pastel colours.

I also prepared the process video of it.

Prep. work on canvas:

  1. Cover the canvas with white Gesso and dry it.
  2. Next, apply the texture paste through the brick stencil and cracks stencil and dry it with a heat gun.  Also, add some crackle paste with a knife and dry it.
  3. Next, colour the canvas with “Chateau Rose”, “Orange Creamsicle” flat sprays using a brush. Add “t-Bird Turquoise magical” with a fan brush and spray water on the colour to react and dry it with the heat gun.
  4. Mix “Black Hole Black magical” with water in the mixing tray and apply colour on the canvas with a brush. Next, spray some water on the same and let the colour flow.
  5. Repeat step 3 to get the desired tones of colours and heat dry.
  6. Next, spray some water and add “Milky Way White Magical” to add shine to the canvas.
  7. Now, add script and crack prints using a stamp and permanent ink.

Prep. work with clay element, chipboard, art pebbles and diecuts.

  • Prime all the chipboard with white Gesso.

Clock dials: Emboss it with “Silence is Golden” EP and paste it to paper clock dials.

Lamppost chipboard: Apply modelling paste on the lamppost. Once the paste is dry colour the lamppost with “t-bird Turquoise magical”, “Black Hole Black Magical” and “Chateau Rose Flat spray”.

Flourish chipboard: Color it with “Cathedral Pines Green” and “Chateau Rose”  sprays. Next, emboss the chipboard randomly with “Oom pah pah pink”, “Merry go Round Green” and “Orange Creamsicle” EPs.

Clock chipboard: Firstly, colour it with “Chateau rose” spray and “Black Hole Black magical” and then detail the clock by embossing with “Silence is Golden EP”.

Die cuts: Emboss the swirl die cuts with Orange Creamsicle” and “Merry Go Round Green” EP.   Colour the flourish die cuts with “Chateau Rose, Orange Creamsicle sprays”, “Black Hole Black magical”. Colour the leaf die cuts with “t- bird Turquoise magical”, “Orange Creamsicle and Chateau rose flat sprays”.

Clay element: Colour it with “t- bird turquoise” and “black whole black” magical.

Art Pebbles: Prime it with white gesso, colour it with “Pop-rock Purple spray”, “Chateau Rose” and apply opal magic wax on the pebbles.

Building Composition:

Once all the prep work is done start building the composition firstly by pasting clock dials on the canvas. Fix the machinery to the chipboard clock. Then, make the space for the chipboard clock by cutting the canvas to the size of the machinery. Add flowers. diecuts, chipboard and clay element. use cardboard pieces or pearls for adding height and volume. In the last, adorn the canvas with pearls, microbeads and art pebbles.

Lindy’s Gang products I used:

Hope you like the process. Happy crafting!

Neena Arora

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