DIY Tags “Happy winter” with Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Hello Lindy’s lovers! This is Svetlana Lipnitskaya with some very simple tags.  Many of you look at high-tech and complex works and dream of achieving the same high skill but are afraid to take the first step. Do not be afraid of anything! You will succeed! Let’s start with simple things!

Today I will show you how to make cute tags using magical powders and embossing powders. We need paper, stamps, Lindy’s powders for embossing and making magic.

Basic process:

  1. Cut a strip out of the paper and fold it in half to make the tag you want.
  2. Use an Emboss It Dabber to create the impression of a stamp (preferably small stars or dots) on your label, then dust the area with embossing powder and shake off. Bake the powder with a hairdryer or a heat tool. Now, wait for the powder to cool.
  3. At this time, take three of any color Magicals (I used three powders from Alexandra’s Artists set and dilute the powders with water. Now take your favorite brush and paint some blobs or spots onto your tag on the alternating color mark. See how the colors flow and blend beautifully. Let dry a little.
  4. Soak a brush in clean water and splash on the tag for an interesting watercolor effect!
  5. It remains to supplement your label with inscriptions – you can write with a pen or make an impression of the stamp again and bake the embossing powder.
  6. Make a hole in the tag and thread the tape through it.

Congratulations! You have a very beautiful tag! Simple and fast! This tag will decorate your gift and delight your loved one.

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Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed this idea


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