Let’s decorate an IKEA frame using Lindy’s Sprays with Laura Zarco

Hi, I’m Laura Zarco

Today I propose to alter an IKEA frame, I had one of those plastic frames that you can put rings on and all the photos you want or just one. And I have thought of putting a nice message for my daughter, because she is my whole world!

I wanted to try how the Lindy’s look on black and I declare myself a fan !!

The result is spectacular!

  1. I have used black Gesso to color the frame, at least two coats and let it dry
  2. Then we are going to spray the lindy’s, you can use several colors!
  3. If you want to make a transparent background with acetate, I have used texture paste and a stencil from Barcelona tiles and then color and more color with a magical
  4. While it dries we can make a background to die-cut leaves or flowers for decorations
  5. Also ambush wood
  6. And we can already make a very cool composition
  7. Don’t forget to color with sequins, glitter …




I hope you like it very much and it inspires you!

Let’s color life!


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