Painting a Mirror Image Page with Asia

Welcome back my Lindy’s friends!

I am coming back to a project similar to one I did a few years back, perfect for double-page journaling. I am calling it a mirror paint application. The basic idea behind it is to apply paint to one side of a journal and then close it. When you open it seconds later you will have the same image on both pages and then you can take it from here.

The process is very simple and you know me by now- I try to show you some basics which can be used by crafters of all levels, but I want especially to include things which are achievable for beginners.  This technique is fun and easy and it can be something new and fun to do.

So here are the basic steps, but if you prefer to watch the process video, you’ll find the link to it below.

  • You need either a double page in your art journal or just two single pages, depending on what you want to do- either one big layout or two of the same projects;
  • For this technique the best results are achieved if you cover the pages beforehand with gesso or absorbent ground; If you skip this step it will still work, but one side (the one onto which you apply the paints directly) will be darker than the other;
  • When the gesso is dry, apply the paints directly to one side (you can use any type of paints: sprays, Magicals, Squirts; I used just Magicals this time, but you can mix and match whatever you really want) and when you happy with the application, don’t dry it, just close the pages together (silly thing, but be careful to close the dry page onto the painted one, so like that the paints will not run all over the place);
  • Squeeze the pages together and after few seconds pull the pages apart; At this point, you can either dry them and leave them be or dry them and add another layer of colors following the same steps as above.
  • Finish your pages by adding more interest: stencils, stamps, focal points, etc.

Time for some photos:

Here is the link to my video:

Lindy’s Gang products used:



Other products:

  • Alexandra Renke- Birds, Golden- Absorbent Ground, lemon Creation- stencil Dotted, Distress Oxides- Black Sooth, Tim Holtz- Collage Paper, Pebeo- Mat Gel, Tim Holtz stamp- Glitch, Archival Ink- Jet Black, All and create- Washi tapes, Lemon Creation- Super Messy Words, Nuvo- Deluxe Glue, Uni Pin- Black liner

As always- thanks for stopping by and take care!

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