Magic Violin – Home Decor using Lindy’s Starbursts Sprays

Hello everyone, today it’s Oleksandr Azarov with you on the Lindy’s Blog and we will create a bright decor piece for your home – a violin with flowers.

Products I used:

I covered the base of the violin with white gesso, for the application I used a sponge (this way I got a rough texture). Using a stencil, I applied a texture paste to the dried surface (in order to add texture), glued the flowers to the base.

I apply sprays in random order to the base, paint over hard-to-reach areas with a brush and mix the color transitions. I dried well with a hairdryer. The next step is to apply the embossing ink, lightly touching the protruding places and sprinkle them with embossing powder Gimme Five Gold Detail EP. I set the embossing powder using a hair dryer, you can also use a heat tool.

Now that all the components are ready, I glue the parts of the workpiece together. In the end, I decided to tie a ribbon, but I could not find a suitable ribbon in color and I painted the ribbon using the same spray colors as when painting the workpiece. After the ribbon was dry, I tied it on the violin, added an inscription, added a few drops to the flowers imitating the race, and now our violin is ready!

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • Transparent ink, white gesso, texture paste, stencil, polymer clay flowers, ribbon.

Thank you and see you soon!

Oleksandr Azarov

My name is Oleksandr. I live in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love scrapbooking and experiments)

One thought on “Magic Violin – Home Decor using Lindy’s Starbursts Sprays”

  1. What polymer clay do you use!? I have never had my embellishments come out so nice! Amazing work!

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