Replace Watercolors with Lindy’s Squirts & Sprays for amazing Abstracts with Tracy V.

Hi Lindy’s Fans,

It’s Tracy V. and in case you haven’t noticed, I love abstract art. One of my favorite artists, Laura Horn, makes incredible abstracts using watercolor, but I have always struggled with watercolor. Using Lindy’s squirts and sprays in this Laura Horn-inspired style makes it so easy to get the right consistency and movement of color!

Hope this will inspire you to give it a try!



  1. Start with a few drops of your favorite squirt dragging the color around the page making different shapes
  2. Add a spray of choice and blend colors where they meet
  3. Add a second squirt and tilt the paper so that the colors run together a bit
  4. Use Magicals with a small bit of water to create marks
  5. Dry and add more marks using gel-pens, oil pastels and pencil
  6. Finish off with a splatter of your favorite magical

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