Travel Journal Cover by Marietta Tégi

Hello Everybody!  Marietta on the blog today sharing my new Travel Album decorated with Lindy’s products.

I have always had a hard time to start making albums and travel journals because accurate measurements are important, which is not really my strong suit!

This album is capturing a trip to Wroclaw which happened in September 2019, now I am only making a tutorial for the outer cover, but later I will also show a few photos from the inside of the album (of course it is possible that it will only be published in months) 😀
I wanted to make something colorful and girly, for which I used the wrapping paper found between the two thicker plates. I used about 250g of paper with a convex surface, between which I used a foam sheet for a better grip, but on each side, it is 1 cm smaller than the outer paper. So, if you touch it will feel like it is more flexible and more durable.

First, I used a Crop-a-dile to punch it, where I pulled out the thinner hat rubber at the end. After that, I applied white gesso with a sponge, thus creating an extra texture on the cover. Then I glued a couple of old book papers to the front with soft matte gel so that it would not be too shiny, but the matte effect would remain.
I mixed white gesso, Light paste, white crackling paste and white acrylic paint with magical powders. I applied them with a paint knife and a brush, so the differences are clearly visible.  I’ve put in the white gesso Sandra Dee Sepia magical, for the light paste I used Tears on My Pillow Tangerine, and as for the white cracking paste, I used Cattail Copper Brown and finally for white acrylic paint I put Gag Me with a Spoon Gray and Black Hole Black products.

I did not want to put too many things on the cover, so I used some AB Studio chipboards on it. I have poured embossing powder of Midnight Pewter on the gears, and then I chose Chrome Doesn’t Pay from the Metal Maniacs collection. I sprinkled Midnight Copper on the captions.

For the cover, I gave some extra sparkle with Starbursts Squirts- first with Poutine Gold, Then with Beaver Tail Brown and with my favorite product, with Banff Blue.
I made the edges more contrasting with a black ink pad. Furthermore, I could not skip the stamping either.
As the last step, I splattered Starburst Frozen Jack Frost mist on it.

If you are interested, you can find the tutorial here:



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