Paint a Tropical Sunrise with Lindy’s Magicals and Viktoriya P.

Hi, dear Lindy’s lovers! Viktoriya Porechnaya is with you today. We were waiting for summer and it’s here!

I think, many of us dreaming about vacation on a tropical island. So let’s visualize our dreams together with me and Lindy’s!

It’s not hard to paint this amazing Tropical Sunrise and I will show you how in a video tutorial on our YouTube Channel

You need canvas board, some bright Lindy’s Magicals some Impasto paints (if you want), and white acrylic paint (black or deep blue paint come useful too).

I chose Caribbean Cruise and Drop Dead Diva Magical Sets – they are always in my favorites!  Use them with acrylic paint and see what great colors we have!

Purple and violet- for dark sky

Then to blue, pink, orange tones

And finally, sunny yellow!

The ocean is full of reflections, waves, and shadows.

And finally, draw these gorgeous palms with black or dark blue acrylic paint.

I wish your summer dreams come true and I help you with it!

Lindy’s Products:

Other products: Impasto paints, White acrylic paint, Black or Dark Blue acrylic paints

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