Art Journal Page with Martina using the Lindy’s Outer Space Magical Set

Hello and Welcome! It’s Martina here with another Art Journal page using Lindy’s Magicals.

This page is a really special one since it is my first Art Journal page with the newest addition to the Lindys Magicals family.
The Outer Space Set by Nuneka!

I have already prepared all the colors in my palette to use like watercolors.

They are in the palette in the following order: Galactic Teal, Ufo Yellow, Outer Space Aqua, Alien Goo Green and Martian Magenta.

But: for my first step, I am using the Outer Space Aqua Magical powder with Texture Paste. Using a palette knife, I am mixing the Texture Paste and the Magical Powder. I am trying to catch the moment where all powder is mixed in properly but the color isn’t too homogenous.

I am taking the whole mix onto my palette knife and apply the mixture to my Art Journal Page like I would spread butter onto a slice of bread. I am moving the palette knife only in one direction to create some kind of an even pattern with the particles of the Magicals.

When everything is dry, I am beginning to add to my background.
I have flower stamps in two sizes which I am stamping onto the background.

To make sure that I am still able to work with water on the page, I am using Archival Ink to stamp with.

I am adding some Galactic Teal to the flower clusters with a soft paintbrush…

..and spread the color by laying a sheet of plastic on top of the wet color. This allows me to move the color with my fingers as much or as little as I want to.

In the drying time of the applied colors, I am ripping a sentiment on rice paper into parts.
Like this, I have smaller parts that can be arranged nicely on the page.

To glue the rice paper sentiments to the page, I am using Clear Gesso.

To get some pops of color, I am using Martian Magenta for splatters.

As the last finishing touches, I am gluing some butterflies and little stars to the page.

And here is the finished page:

Thank you so much for watching!

Have a great day!

I have been using the following materials:

Lindy’s Products:


  • Stamps, Rice Paper, Butterflies: Maremi’s Small Art.


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