Mixed media tag “Open your heart” by Anna Malik

Hello everyone, this is Anna Malik on the Lindy’s blog !!! 

When I was making this piece, I thought about one dear and very close person to me, my sister. We live far from each other, but mentally I am always with her and support her. I wanted everything to be good with her. So that she opens her heart to something new and interesting.  So this piece is inspired by her.

Process :

  • I painted the blank of the tag and the decor with white primer/gesso.
  • I applied texture paste with marble chips through the stencil
  • I sprinkled water on the blank tag and started painting it from top to bottom.
    First I used Shabby Turbine Teal , in the middle – Outer Space Aqua and below – Galactic Teal  , Black Hole Black
  • I made impressions of cracks and gears with stamps.
  • Highlighted the texture of the tag with waxes.
  • I painted MDF blanks and clay figurines with sprays.

  • Then, with the help of painted and cut-out decorative elements, I collect the composition. The main elements are the heart and wings.
  • At the end, I added quartz stones and art stones. Sprayed with black and white acrylic.
  • To finish I added a motivating inscription.

Lindy’s Products I used:

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