Several ways to create a background using Lindy’s Sprays with Marina Ignatova

Hello dear friends!

It’s Marina Ignatova here with an interesting video tutorial. Today I will show you what different backgrounds can be created using Lindy’s Sprays.  You may have guessed I love making these beautiful backgrounds!

Here is my process video – hoping you’ll enjoy it and read on to find out how to make all these beautiful backgrounds!

Textured rusty background

Basic Process

  1. Apply a texture paste with sand. Dry
  2. Sprinkle Ponderosa Pines Olive Shimmer Spray, Red Hot Poker Orange Shimmer Spray, Cattail Copper Brown Shimmer Spray and dry
  3. And spray again for a brighter color
  4. To develop the texture, add wax to the convex places. All done)

Multicolor tone + crackle paste

Basic Process

  1. Sprinkle the paper with water for a better mixing of colors
  2. Sprinkle Opal Sea Oats Shimmer Spray, Orange Creamsicle Flat Spray, Cape Cod Coral Shimmer Spray, Bodacious Blush Shimmer Spray, Cocklebells Coral Shimmer Spray and dry
  3. Apply a texture paste white crackle through a stencil. That’s all!

Blotches + contrast paste

Basic Process

  1. Sprinkle Cotton Candy Pink Shimmer Spray, Prima Donna Purple Shimmer Spray, Pegleg Pete Purple Vintage Spray on a non-absorbent surface
  2. Press the paper to the puddles
  3. Dry the resulting stains
  4. Repeat
  5. Apply the texture paste through a stencil, mixing it in some places with acrylic paint
  6. Add stamps to complicate the background. Done)

Flat background. The stencil is like a mask and a stamp

Basic Process

  1. Fix the stencil on the base with an adhesive tape
  2. Sprinkle Silent Night Silver Shimmer Spray, Whale Watch Blue Shimmer Spray
  3. Remove the stencil, dry the paper
  4. While the paint remains on the stencil, use it as a mask. Press it to the clear base
  5. We can stop here. I decided to complicate the second background by applying a texture paste
  6. Paste tinted with wax. Done)

Splashes + stamps

Basic Process

  1. Open the sprays Tilt-A-Wheel Teal Flat Spray, Tibetan Poppy Teal Shimmer Spray, Buccaneer Bay Blue Vintage Spray, Tweedle Dee Denim Flat Spray, Bluebeard Blue Violet Vintage Spray and make splashes with a brush.
  2. Dry
  3. Add stamps to complicate the background. All done)

Tape + sprays

Basic Process

  1. Glue the tape to the base
  2. Sprinkle Chateau Rose Flat Spray, Pop Rock Purple Flat Spray, Tea Pot Purple Shimmer Spray and dry
  3. Apply the texture paste through a stencil. Be sure to wait for drying
  4. Re-attach the stencil
  5. Apply Lindy’s sprays with a brush on the dried paste
  6. Tinting the edges with the distress oxide
  7. Add stamps to complicate the background
  8. Done)

That’s all! Your backgrounds are ready)))

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I hope you liked my tutorial, and you found something new and interesting for yourself!



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