Lindy’s Mixed Media Canvas with Marietta Tégi

Hello everyone!

This time on the Lindy’s blog I made a mixed media canvas for you, on which I captured a family holiday.

I used 20×20 cm canvas as the basis for this work, on which I first applied white gesso with a sponge to get a grainy surface for extra texture.
I used a mesh stencil on which I applied Paper Texture Paste with Gleaming gold magical powder. I dripped Banff Blue starburst squirts mainly on the mesh part, then sprayed water on top to get a less bright color.  I used Chateau Rose and Opal Sea Oats to give it a sea-sand effect and sprayed Frozen Jack Frost on the left side of the canvas for more contrast. I could not leave out Delphinium Turquoise as it is one of my favorite shades and it suits the color scheme of this piece.

I also used white gesso on the mold elements, then Long John’s Silver and Whale Watch Blue on the Roman numerals.  I sprayed Sandra Dee Sepia and Frozen Jack Frost mists on the ropes. The combination of the two is pastel-like, yet a little sparkly.  On the gears and anchor, I used Opal Sea Oats and Whale Watch Blue.  I also added Gag Me With A Spoon Gray Starbursts to the anchor for a metallic effect.

For the coral chipboards, I chose Orange Creamsicle from the Under the Boardwalk EP Set.

On an MDF steering wheel, I applied white crackle paste and sprayed Opal Sea Oats and Sandra Dee Sepia Mists. To make the finish more pronounced I sprinkled Midnight Copper embossing powder on the handles I used a dry brush in some places, so it did not completely cover the surface.

At first, I sprayed Glory of the Seas Gold Mist on the chipboard around the image, however, as I moved the photo over, I saw that it needed a slightly darker shade of frame, so I added Opal Sea Oats.

I wrapped a string around the canvas and then added the elements mentioned above. I also added shells which I collected on holiday in Mauritius.  As an extra, I placed some flowers and chipboard, which I sprayed with Opal Sea Oats and Cafe au Lait embossing powder to give it a sandy effect.  I greased matte and metallic waxes on the flowers and tooth frames and topped it off with a good number of granular embellishments.
Finally, I stamped on it.

This is the tallest creation of my life so far, at 4.8 cm, If you are curious about how I made it then you can check it out:




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