DIY Abstract Wine Coasters with Lindy’s Sprays and Tracy V.

Hi Lindy’s Fans,

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love for wine as I do for art! This month I combined both my loves (with another love, Lindy’s) to make these simple DIY wine coasters. They are perfect to use for company or a little housewarming gift, and you will love the way the Lindy’s colors reflect through the base of your glass.


Tracy V.


Step 1: This step is all about letting loose! Cover a sheet of watercolor paper with your Lindy’s in random and different ways. Spray the page; sprinkle Magical powder into droplets of water; drop Lindy’s spray liquid and let it run down the page or use a skewer to drag it around the page; make marks or little drawings with permanent ink; randomly stamp patterns and designs; splatter ink… Experiment, Have Fun, There Are No Rules!

Step 2: Once dry, use a Circle Punch or scissors to cut circles from your page just a little smaller than your mini canvases.

Step 3: Use your Modge Podge to glue your circles, centered, onto the mini canvases being careful not to reactivate your Lindy’s. Work around the circle if you have to.

Step 4: Spray your coasters with Fixant and let dry completely.

Step 5: Edge your coasters with the embossing powder.

And I have filmed the whole process so you can see what I have done to create these.

I hope you enjoy this idea and try making your own coasters with Lindy’s beautiful sprays!


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