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Hi gang!!!
It’s Nuneka & Frau Pony here, and have super exciting news for you all!
As you probably know if you’ve checked Lindy’s online store lately, we have new colors coming on Saturday! Yay! And we will have a big party event on our YouTube channel!! We will show you the colors, we’ll have fun, there will be surprises… so make sure you set your reminder here and you come with sunglasses and a nice cocktail to get into the mood.

What we were thinking when we came up with the idea for this set? Happy vibes, ice cream, beach sand in your feet, fresh breeze, friends, and piña colada… Holidays!! We all need a bit of that after so many months at home, right? And we came to the conclusion that SUMMER BREAK is the perfect set of Magicals to take with you wherever you go on vacation because you can create all the colors of the spectrum with it! Isn’t it great?

This set is perfect if you want to start using Magicals and you are not very sure which colors to pick. Really, this is what you need. But what if you already have a lot of them, do you need these? The answer is YES because the intensity, depth and shimmer on this new set are extraordinary and you will find these are the rich and bold tones you were missing. Let us tell you a little bit about the colors.

  • UMBRELLA DRINK PINK is a deep raspberry color, intense and with pinkish shimmer; you can create softer tone adding more water, or just go wild with this perfect pink.
  • BEACH BALL BLUE is the blue you want to find at the sea when you go on holiday! Light, bright and with the right amount of blue shimmer.
  • TEENIE WEENIE BIKINI is probably the most amazing yellow you’ve ever see… and if you add a bit more of the powder, you’ll get incredible sunset-orange… oh! with gold shimmer.
  • DIP A TOE TEAL is fresh, is minty, like the summer night breeze… with silver shimmer.
  • NUNEKA’S PURPLE POPSICLE ooooh yeah! periwinkle! violet with a touch of blue shimmer that makes it super special.

You can buy SUMMER BREAK set here.

Are you excited?? Because we are!! And we really would love to see you all in the live stream… but if you cannot come, make sure you check the video whenever you can:


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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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