3D Printed Desk Organizer with Magical Shakers by Marietta Tégi

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The foundation for today’s project (an organizer for my Lindy’s Magicals) is very special because I made it with a 3D printer, the pallet can be downloaded from here but the main frame and the pallets I put on it are based on my idea. I asked for a little help from a friend to make sure it was accurate because it cannot be changed later.

One of the properties of PLA filament is that it can’t be heat blown for a long time (although this is true for most filaments), because then it deforms, which makes the drying time longer, and it’s not easy to paint, so I put a thicker layer of white gesso on it, carefully everywhere, otherwise, the paint wouldn’t have stayed on, it would just roll off.

The mold elements I put on the bottom were also treated with white gesso and then colored with Magical Shakers:  Antique Bronze, Cowabunga Copper and Antique Gold. For a slight matt and rust effect, I used Sandra Dee Sepia flat magical.
On the case, I sprayed Edelweiss Moss Green and Mystic Malachite . For the paint runs, I chose from the Autumn Leaves magical collection, the Ponderosa Pines Olive and Cattail Copper Brown- I sprayed a little water on to get a less intense shade. I used the same products on the two small columns.

In addition to the mold elements, I chose Mitform castings metal products and Finnabair dragonflies.

For the pallets, which now take the role of the shelves, I used white crackle paste and then matt acrylic paint. For texture, I used Finnabair texture powder and art stone in the matte acrylic paint, which I mashed with a paint knife beforehand : Antique Bronze, Cowabunga Copper and Antique Gold magical were used to make it more rustic. I put a little Sandra Dee Sepia flat magical on it as well. I added some Byzantine Bronze embossing powder on the edges, which I heat blew several times, but for much shorter periods. The desired effect was achieved.

Finally, I applied vintage gold wax to the mold elements and used an Aall and create crackle stamp on the column.

The result is a steampunk- industrial-style desk organizer that fits 4 shelves and 1-1 magical collectibles on each. Hmm, so you will definitely see from me make another holder as well in the near future. 🙂

Tutorial here :

I hope you are interested in this technique and try new things. Should any questions arise please feel free to contact me.

Marietta 🙂

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