Summer mixed media canvas with Marina Ignatova

Hello dear friends!

It’s Marina Ignatova here with an interesting video tutorial. Today I will show you how to create a beautiful canvas using Lindy’s Gang products.

Here is my process video – hoping you’ll enjoy it!

Basic Process

  1. Apply texture pastes with a palette knife in some places: regular and crackle. Let it dry naturally.
  2. Add color using Orange Creamsicle Flat Spray and Chateau Rose Flat Spray. You can spray and apply with a brush. To get a beautiful look of streaks, you can dry them after each application of color.
  3. Add radiance using Canadian Bacon Blush
  4. Apply paste through the stencil
  5. Mix an texture paste with Jana’s Jade magical
  6. Apply this colored paste with a palette knife on the edges of the canvas, creating the effect of peeling paint
  7. Then stamp the background to add more interest
  8. We will decorate the clay details. To do this, mix the texture paste with sand and Jana’s Jade magical. The resulting colored paste in 2-3 layers is applied to the details, drying each layer.
  9. On top, you can add a sponge primer and metallic acrylic paint.
  10. Build up the composition and glue on all the embellishments
  11. At the final step, add toppings and sparkles here and there, because the beauty lies in the details.

That’s all! Your panel is done!

And some close-ups as a little inspiration

Lindy’s Products

I hope you liked my tutorial, and you found something new and interesting for yourself!



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