Notebook for the Snow Queen by Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Hi Lindy’s Lovers – I’ve made a Notebook for the Snow Queen!

Even the snow Queen began to complain about the memory – she forgot about the visit of her mother-in-law and about the birthday of her beloved dog! This means that it’s time to start a notebook and carefully write down all your plans in it!

Let’s do it together!

Basic process:

  1. Let’s take a regular Notepad from the store. The cover should be primed with white gesso and glued with a white lace cloth.  I chose an MDF tag, pencils from IKEA, a chipboard and Lindys products to decorate the cover of the notebook!
  2. The tag was pasted with Tissue paper and partially covered with embossing powder.
  3. I painted the chipboard white, but only partially! This is important! Then the chipboard was painted with sprays. Where there was paint, the chipboard was partially painted – a very beautiful effect!
    See how beautifully combined blue and black sprays are, gorgeous shimmer!
  4. After drying the Chipboard was covered with embossing powder in an almost transparent color-transparent copper.
  5. I added a tag, some lace, chipboard, and pencils on the cover of my notebook. Just a little more spray and white paint and the ice notebook for the snow Queen is ready!

A few close-ups so you can see how beautiful this is:
Lindys products that I used in the project:

Lindy’s Products

Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed this idea


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