Mixing Magicals with Acrylic Paint for a Custom Color Palette

Hi there my Lindy’s Gang! It’s Asia Marquet and it’s been already a month since I shared with you a new technique, way too long! So here it is, something easy, fun, and cool, with some tips on making the most of your Lindy’s products and saving some money at the same time! Interested? I hope you are, so let’s see how you can create your own custom acrylic paint color palette with Lindy’s Magicals!

If you know me a little, you know there is a video process available for you, if you don’t, I am making a pinkie promise that there is a video where you can watch the whole process and you will find it on Lindy’s Gang YouTube channel (link below). I am really wondering if you’ll like this technique, so please don’t forget to share your comments with me and other viewers (or readers).

But first, let’s have a look at the  step-by-step instructions:

  • I did work on mixed media paper for this project, but watercolor paper is fine as well, as is canvas or wood panel, after all, we will be working this time with Lindy’s “acrylics”!
  • Choose your Lindy’s colors, either Magicals or Magical Shakers ( I think for this technique powders are better than sprays, but this is yet to be confirmed as I haven’t done any experiences with sprays; if you did or will do, please let us know about the results!)
    My choice of Lindy’s was simple, I worked with the newly released, created by Frau Pony and Nuneka Magicals set Summer Break. You will also need a little bit of acrylic paint (here I used chalk acrylic as I am not too keen on glossy ones and I simply preferred to get some mat, pastel-y finish). The choice of acrylic is also up to you as long as it’s a white one- you will not do miracles with black or, to be honest, any other acrylic color for this technique.
  • Squeeze a little bit of acrylic on some surface (flat pallet for example), add some Magical powder to it and mix well. For pastel-y color, you will not need that much powder, but once again- this part is totally up to you. I wanted to make sort of a rainbow with three colors, so I squeezed three bloops of white acrylic and mixed every one with different colors and then added it to the paper with a brayer. This was also my preference- you can use brush, brayer or whatever you fancy, and why not try some Gelli printing with it?!
  • Once my background was done, with some leftover paint to which I added a bit of water, I did some colorful splatter
  • At this point I finally had a vague idea of what my project should look like at the end (I always do that- I start without knowing what the finish line be like, which could be sometimes really annoying- who does that?!), I took the remaining jars of Magicals to sprinkle them onto a wet piece of mixed media paper. No acrylic is involved at this point, just Magicals. The beautiful, watercolor-looking background, once dry, was a canvas to my crazy flower stamping. I stamped some flowers from three sets of stamps onto this background and after few hours of fussy-cutting (with few tiny breaks just to feed the family and clean the house, phew!), I could finally continue.
  • By the way- there is this cool technique of adding dimension to your flowers with a stylus, too complicated to explain on paper, but very easy to do and you can find it in the video below. So I used it (this technique I mean), made my Magicals, colored flowers almost 3D,  adhered them to the page and added some glossy accents in the middle of every single flower.
  • In the craziness of the process, (which made me very happy as I love discovering new, cool ways of creating), I totally forgot about some white splatter, which would surely be a really nice addition to the project… At least I was enough clear-minded to add some sentiment, so I’d say it was a good job. Hopefully, you will like it too!

What is great in this process is the fact that the colors Magicals will change also, you are after all diluting them with white paint, so you will get colors that will be softer and very likely without a shine. This is however the part I love very much, the difference and unexpectedness of the process. As I mentioned in the video, I love all Magicals and I am not trying to change their colors, I am simply trying to find new ways of using products we have at home and show you how versatile Lindy’s can be.

So let’s see some photos now:

If you liked the photos, please check my video:

Lindy’s Gang products used:

  • Summer Break Magical set: Umbrella Drink Pink, Beach Ball Blue, Teenie Weenie Bikini, Dip a Toe Teal, Nuneka’s Purple Popsicle

Other products:

  • Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic- Snowflake by PaperArtsy, Stazon Jet -Black ink, stamps by: Maremi Small Art, Rubber Dance & Craft Sensations, Lemon creation- Super Messy Words, Ranger- Glossy Accents


I hope you are highly motivated to create your own, unusual set of acrylics! If you do, please share your projects with us by tagging me (Lemon Creation), Lindy’s Gang, or simply posting in Lindy’s Creative Gang on Facebook. Can’t wait to see it!

Wish you a lot of mojo and beautiful days!

Big hugs,


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  1. Such a cool idea you’ve come up with mixing the shimmer powders with a chalk acrylic paint. A great way to make your supplies go further & create a whole new look. Thanks for making the video as I really enjoy seeing the creative process.

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