Coloring chipboard with Lindy’s Squirts on a Tag by Marina Ignatova

Hello dear friends!

It’s Marina Ignatova here with my new project and video tutorial!

Do you know what is the plus of Lindy’s squirts? They have such stunning saturated colors that they are simply amazing to paint any decor! For example, I was painting a chipboard and took it on video.

Here is my process video – hoping you’ll enjoy it!

Basic Steps

  1. Drop a little squirt on a non-absorbent surface.
  2. Apply it to the chipboard.
  3. Add water to change the color intensity.
  4. Mix the colors of the Squirts to get interesting effects.
  5. Dry the chipboard.
  6. Add a hot embossing to make the volume appear.

And some close-ups as a little inspiration

The full step-by-step process of creating a panel can be viewed on my channel

Lindy’s Products

I hope you liked my project and tutorial, and you found something new and interesting for yourself!



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