Super easy ATCs with Drawing gum, Sprays and Lindy’s Magicals by Asia

Hello, hello everybody! I am back with new inspiration and with yet another technique- using drawing gum with Lindy’s. This is something I’ve done already a few years back and I am wondering why it took me so long to bring back this idea to you. It’s so simple to make art with drawing gum, so let’s just dive in and see how to create some magic 🙂

As I mentioned it’s a very simple technique, not too many products needed- just drawing gum and Lindy’s products and it does not matter at all if they are sprays or Magicals, or Shakers.

  • Firstly you prepare your background paper (the best is mixed media paper, not gessoed and preferably not watercolor as watercolor paper has an uneven surface and it will be so much harder to remove the drawing gum from it. I cut my paper to ATC size as I wanted to show you how quick and effectively you can make many, many ATCs in one go.

  • Drawing gum comes in either in a pot filled with liquid, which you can use and draw with a brush or in the form of a pen, which is self-explanatory. I used a pen in this project, but the liquid is also super-cool, especially to make a splatter or irregular form. I doodled on each cart separately and here I opted for kind of flowery and leafy shapes, but how cool would it be to do some geometrical or grungy motives! The whole idea is to paint/ draw with the gum and then let it air dry.
  • When the gum is dry- it’s easy to see as it takes on a green color and even though is still sticky to touch, is not coming off when touched.  I sprayed all the cards with water and then sprayed it with Lindy’s sprays. Ok, I went a little overboard here- I used around ten sprays if not more, but you don’t really need that many. Nor do you have to do around 20 ATCs like I did. I was clearly doing chain work- please don’t judge me, lol! Down below you will have a full list of sprays and magical I used and you can, of course, see all of the prices in my video. Coming back to spraying, nothing complicated here, just add the colors you want; You can spray them, do splatter or use your sprays like watercolors with a brush.
  • The whole idea was to do really colorful ATCs, but I added too much green at the beginning, plus some blue and yellow which gave me even more green! ( I do know the color mixing basics, but it seems I did not think it through this time, lol!) To fix the “problem” I decided to sprinkle Magicals and Magical Shakers onto still wet cards and create a real rainbow of colors. That’s what’s great with Lindy’s, as long as you stick to the right colors and avoid getting mud by mixing the ones which do not go well together, you will have a beautiful end effect, believe me!
  • I added some water to dilute slightly the rest of Magical powder which didn’t quite mix with the rest of the paint, dubbed the excess of paints so the cards don’t warp and let them dry- firstly in the room temperature, then, out of patience, with a heat gun. But be careful with the heat gun, use the lower setting, and dry from afar in order not to melt the drawing gum. I also added some white and black splatter- white to get a more pastel and dreamy effect, black- because I like it, lol!
  • When the cards dried completely- very important step!  I started removing drawing gum by rubbing it with my fingers. Be sure to always remove the pieces of gum which fell out of paper as they can make dirty your designs and also wash your fingers when they get full of paint, for the same reason.
  • The cherry on the top was to add some sentiments and my cards are ready!

Here they are:

Please check out the video process, link below:

Lindy’s products used:

Other products:

Mixed media paper, Drawing Gum by Pebeo, Super Messy & Really Messy Words by me- Lemon Creation


Sending you big hugs and big thanks for reading and watching!



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