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Hello craft buddies!

It’s Neena Arora welcoming you to the Lindy’s blog. Today, I am here to share the process of altering a tin planter into a beautiful planter with the Beton and Moss effect.

You can find the video link in the last. Below is the step by step instruction to make this:

  1. Cover the planter with 2 coats of white gesso and let it dry.
  2. Prepare clay elements using moulds. make sure to remove them after five minutes from the moulds and paste them on the planter. Let it dry overnight.
  3. Again cover the planter with white gesso. While applying gesso add crushed sugar/glass dust/snow dust for the grainy effect.
  4. Once dried, start colouring it with “Gag me with a spoon gray” with a brush. Then spray “Steampunk sepia shimmer spray” randomly and daub wet wipe softly to remove extra colour and to get faded effect.
  5. Next, colour around the clay embellishments with “Greased lightnin’ green flat spray” and again daub wet wipe softly to pick the extra colour.
  6. Again colour the clay embellishments randomly with “Cattail copper brown shimmer spray”.
  7. Next, touch up the roots of clay embellishments with “Midnight rendezvous raven shimmer spray” using a brush and heat dry it.
  8. Apply white wax on the clay embellishments. Then spray water and sprinkle “Midnight copper EP” and heat dry it.

*Note: spray water every time after application of colours for natural flow

Let’s have a look at the details:


Lindy’s products used to make this:

Hope you like it and feel inspired.

Until next time!


Neena Arora



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