Industrial mixed media canvas by Marietta Tégi

Hello Lindy’s fans!

Today’s mixed media project consists of 2 smaller canvases, which can be expanded, if required. In this industrial style project, I put the focus on the textures. You’ll notice that the background is made of super glass resin with a glittery effect, which I’ve only ever cast in silicone moulds. The pipes and the other mould elements have grainy surfaces.  This makes it more noticeable and more prominent.

I used 10cmx 10 cm canvases as the basis for this work, then mixed magical shakers in 2 component super glass resin, first in the shade of Antique Gold, then Antique Bronze. It had to be mixed thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous texture.

I like to experiment, so I tried to find out what happens if I sprinkle some Guten Tag Teal on the resin cast on the canvas. I mixed it with a wooden stick and as a result got some nice little turquoise spots on the brown background. This was the first time I did something like this, so I was a little nervous at first if it’s going to be good or not. It needed 48 hours to dry.

I applied graphite texture paste to the mould elements, this time I mixed Sandra Dee Sepia flat magical and a little bit of Red Hot Poker Orange into Paper texture paste. From the Autumn leaves collection. After achieving the desired grainy effect, I added extra colours in a bluish-brownish shade using T-bird Turquoise and South Shore Sand Flat Fabio mixes and I also used Tibetan Poppy Teal magical. I used one of my all-time favourites, Sandra Dee Sepia magical.

I chose AB studio chipboards to make the composition, and sprinkled Queen Sheba’s Silver and Midnight Copper embossing powder on the gears and numbers. The watch is decorated with Byzantine Bronze embossing powder from the industrial chic collection in a shade, that is almost identical to the background.  I used a Finnabair stamp on the canvas and sprinkled Midnight Copper on it.

While making it, I added Finnabair metal elements. Finally, I used a little old silver wax to highlight the textured surface on the pipes and taps.

If you are interested, you can find the tutorial here:

Hugs: Marietta

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