Decorating a chipboard negative with Lindy’s products | Marina Ignatova

Hi friends!

It’s Marina Ignatova here with my new project and video tutorial!

Do you like to create interesting backgrounds for your projects? I really do! I had a stunningly beautiful floral chipboard, and after using it, there was no less attractive negative. Then the idea was born to use it for the background. How exactly, look in the tutorial!


Here is my process video – hoping you’ll enjoy it!

Basic Steps

  1. I applied texture paste and crackle paste to the chipboard.
  2. While the pastes are drying, I work with the base. Stamped it. Baked white powder for embossing.
  3. I apply sprays of different colors.
  4. Repeat for a richer color.
  5. When the paint dried, I added a plant stamp for a more complex background.
  6. When the texture paste on the chipboard has dried, I paint it with sprays of different colors.
  7. To add volume, I bake powder for embossing.
  8. I glue the chipboard to the base.

It was a pity to leave such a base without decor. So I added some elements and got this beauty)

Lindy’s Products

I hope you liked my project and tutorial, and you found something new and interesting for yourself!



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