Believe in day dreams – Mixed Media Door Tag

Hello, lindy’s fan!

you are with Neena Arora. today, I am on the blog to share the mixed media door tag. I love the colour palette I have used in this tag, also given different textures. I used different shades from the same family.

There is a process video of it on lindy’s youtube channel.

Basic process:

  1. Prime the tag, clay and metal elements with white gesso and heat dry it
  2.  Colour the tag with sweet “violet purple teal”, “frosty forest green”, “sea grass green”, and “tea pot purple” by dividing the tag into three parts. repeat colouring to get the darker tones.
  3. Colour the edges with “midnight rendezvous raven”.
  4. Next, add some stamps and randomly cover the stamp with “slam dunk silver” and “twilight blue slate” heat emboss the tag using a heat gun.
  5. Next, add texture through the stencil and add “oak leaf olive” and “chrome doesn’t pay” embossing powder and heat emboss it.
  6. Then colour the clay frame with “pop rock purple”, “sea grass green”, ” sweet violet purple teal”, “frosty forest green”, “sea grass green”, and “tea pot purple” and randomly heat emboss it with “Chrome doesn’t pay” and “pop rock purple”, “oak leaf olive” EP.
  7. Next, colour the metal element with “polite people purple”, “frosty forest green”. Colour the wings with “frosty forest green” and “sea grass green”, moon with “silent night silver”.
  8. Similarly, colour other elements and heat emboss them.
  9. Next, assemble all the elements together and create a small composition.
  10. Add some art pebbles and art stones coloured with lindy’s colours.
  11. Wax some parts to add shine to your projects.
  12. To finish add pearls glitter and sentiment.

Let’s have a look at more photos:

Hope you like the tag and the process!

Lindy’s gang product I have used:

Happy crafting!


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