Vintage Beaded Bracelet with Lindy’s Shimmery Sprays by Tracy V.

Hi Lindy’s Fans,

For my final blog post of 2021, I turned a kid craft into elegant jewelry using Lindy’s gorgeous new sprays. I hope that you will give it a try!


  1. Use your Lindy’s Sprays from the Enchanted Forest set to create lines of color on paper.
  2. Once dry, use a ruler to create long skinny triangles on the back of the sprayed paper.
  3. Cut out the triangle strips.
  4. Wrap each strip one at a time, starting with the widest end, around a skewer, brushing matte medium on the non-painted side with each wrap.
  5. Slide the bead off the skewer and coat the outside with matte medium.
  6. Tie a jump ring onto one end of a piece of stretchy bracelet cord and string on the beads – add charms if you’d like.
  7. Tie-off the cord around the jump ring, or to a clasp if you prefer.


  1. Mixed Media Paper
  2. Lindy’s Sprays (I used Lindy’s new Enchanted Forest Set)
  3. Ruler
  4. Paper Cutter or Scissors
  5. Matte Medium
  6. Bracelet Cord
  7. Jump Ring and/or clasp
  8. Charms (optional)

It has been a wonderful year being a part of the Lindy’s Design Team. I hope that you enjoyed some of my projects as much as I enjoyed making them. While I will not continue on the Design Team next year, I look forward to playing with my Lindy’s whenever I can find the time. It is a wonderful company, with wonderful people, and of course, wonderful products!

Tracy V.

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