Creating on black paper is easy with Lindy’s and Asia

Hello, hello dear crafty people! It’s Asia here with a piece of black paper and white temporary tattoos. Plus my beautiful Lindy’s! I’ve been designing for Lindy’s for so long and I am wondering why I never created something on black paper? Black could be intimidating I guess, but it could be also so rewarding! And yes, with Lindy’s products you can fill it up with faerie colors! So don’t hesitate to try but beware- not all Lindy’s will show up on black! So choose wisely and maybe like I’ve done at some point- make some black swatches to choose the right color!

I can say that in general Squirts and Moon Shadow Mists shows beautifully on black, but some Starbursts will do that also. You can rather forget about Flat Fabios as they lack the necessary shimmer and it is shimmer that shows up so beautifully on the black paper. The colored shimmer that is.

So one day I woke up with courage. Courage to create something else and to just don’t give up the fear of failing. I still prefer to work on white surfaces- you know me and my favorite negative space, but I am happy that I tried and now I know it can be done! Without acrylics!


To do a project on black paper, first of all, you need good black paper, so at least 180g/m2 as you need to spray it with water. Usually black craft paper for children is good enough, but I guess it depends on where do you live.

I went through all of my black swatches and chose the colors I liked the most. Then I sprayed the paper with water and started adding the colors- without overthinking it really; I sprayed and did some splashes, adding color all over the page for better coverage; You can, of course, dry between the color layers, but I didn’t, making it all mix.

I dried everything with a heat gun, but if you want stronger color, after drying you can add another layer of color, until you are satisfied with it.

The next step was to add temporary tattoos- I was lucky to get my hands on some of them. But if you don’t have them- don’t worry! You can always add some stamping and white embossing, which stand out from the page so beautifully! However, if you decide on adding tattoos, you need to do it after paint applications as the tattoos have a tiny border and if you place them first on the paper then add color, this border will be visible and not very nice. You just place your tattoo on the paper like you would on the skin, dump the brush in water and water the tattoo; press it firmly and chalk if it stays on the paper. Then dry it slightly remembering that it may be sticky a little (depending on the tattoo quality). To get rid of this stickiness, I sprayed the whole page at the end with hair spray (which replaces the fixative).

Add some splatter, if needed (always needed ;).

And this is all- easy, no?

Time for some close-ups 🙂

Here is the list of products I used:

Lindy’s Gang:

Other products:

  • temporary tattoos, white acrylic paint &  my Very Messy Words


I hope you are going to enjoy creating on black paper and if you do, please share it in Lindy’s group on Facebook! can’t wait to see it!

Big hugs everybody!


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