Introducing Oleksandr | Lindy’s Designer

Hello to all fans of bright colors and fans of the Lindy`s gang. My name is Oleksandr and I am glad to welcome you here.

I live in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love nature, animals. I have a collection of domestic plants, a cat, birds and an aquarium with fish and shrimps. I love creating postcards, ATCs and other items and giving them to friends.

In scrapbooking, I love experiments, stamps. I love experimenting with the combination of colors, textures, it is very easy to use products from Lindy’s.

I love Lindy’s Starburst sprays for their large palette, beautiful shine and multi-faceted texture. I love them.

I love embossing powders. They will always add accents to your work.

And I also want to show you a few of my favorite works.

I am very glad to meet you and I invite you to visit me:

See you soon on the blog pages!

Oleksandr Azarov

My name is Oleksandr. I live in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love scrapbooking and experiments)

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