Polaroid Card Summer Break by Veronica Kt

Hello gang, I am Vero (@ Vero.kt) and it is a pleasure to be here and to be able to bring some inspiration and above all to enjoy together. I have prepared a step-by-step to create a card in Polaroid format, (once you start, you can not stop), I hope you like it.

Let’s go through the steps of the process.

* One of my main motivations when creating is color, I need them to stimulate my creativity and bring me joy, that’s why the Summer Break set is always good.

*Choosing and preparing the colors, playing on watercolor paper, mixing them and letting them flow.

*I choose a stencil, and with oxide and water inks (we spray once the ink is applied) we use the mask as a “stamp”, we are not looking for definition, only to add texture.
* With a stamp for backgrounds (or the one you like the most), we stamp with oxide inks, and with permanent black ink, which will give us depth in the project.
I really enjoy coloring stamps to create compositions, I confess that it is the part that takes the most time in the entire creative process.
* Finally it remains to mount a scene with the colored stamps
That’s the finished project:
And few close-ups:

Lindy´s Product

Umbrella Drink Pink
Beach Ball Blue
Teenie Weenie
Dip a Toe Teal
Nuneka´s Purple Popsicle
I hope you like my Polaroid and the tutorial. Thank you very much for reading. I’m really looking forward to your feedback!
See you soon!

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